How it Works

1-How it Works for Sellers?

  • Sellers can sign up for free Using 3-Methods [Sign up with email, Login with Google Account, Login with Facebook Account].
  • Sellers can create 5-standard Gigs, For more than 5-Gigs Sellers have to Upgrade Levels (Read About Levels Here).
  • Sellers Can only sell Gigs at Standard Price $5, From which $1 is BLC247-Marketplace Fee/Commission.
  • Sellers get paid via Paypal Payment Gateway Only (In Future CC, BTC & other options) with 14-days threshold timeframe.

2-How it Works for Buyers?

  • Buyers have to sign-up or Login with Google/Facebook to Purchase desired GIGS.
  • Buyers can contact desired sellers for interview. Connect with sellers directly via instant private chat to initiate the conversation.            
  • Buyers can use Search bar to filter Gigs by Country, category or by search terms.
  • Buyers Pay Standard $1 (20%) GIGS processing fee with safe and secure Paypal Payment Gateway.


3-How it Works for VA-Shops?

  • Every Seller Allowed to Setup 1-VA-Shop.

Note: VA-Shops is Unique Concept of BLC247-Marketplace. Which allows Sellers to Sell services without any Processing fees, They deal with clients without any issue directly. Process is simple.

Step # 1 - Sign up as Seller at BLC247-Marketplace.

Step # 2 - Submit your VA-Shop Buy/Sell Thread [BST], with infographic/text. You setup YOUR own payment Gateway and Landing Page. (Read TOS of VA-Shops ) . After submission your Shop goes pending for approval by our Team and Admin.

Step # 3 - BLC247 - Team will test your services to see if you qualify for approval or not, No illegal Services allowed. After testing your services. We Approve your VA-Shop.

Step # 4 - Once your thread (VA-Shop) is approved, You Pay $30/Per Year for that Service to display on our platform.

Simple 4-Steps to Start your Own VA-Shop, promote your own Agency Website, landing Page.

  • Buyers can request for sample reports, post feedback as Thread replies. Vote Up & Down for service quality.