About BLC (pvt) Ltd. Our aim is simple "Everyone in World have some talent, Why do it for FREE? Why not sell yours?!

BLC247 - Offers simple and easy to use platform for Sellers/Buyers & Agency Owners.

If you startup, lean entrepreneurs or launched new website. But need some work done. BLC247 is for you. Our Sellers are talented, and can help you build your empire in affordable budget.

 Every Gig Price is $5, (just $1(20%) processing fee for Buyers & Sellers).

But if you run a online digital marketing agency, IT firm. and no service under $5 is work for you, then you can start your business with our VA-Shops section.


Tips: The more gigs/skills you have, you have better chance of getting more orders. But please do not duplicate gigs, as they will be un-publish soon or might get you suspended for spam.


About BLC247? BLC247 is owned and operated by Digital Marketing experts with 20-years of experience in field.  For any query contact support@blc247.com